Updated Puppy Pics

Larissa just sent me some new pictures of the puppies. There are not our puppies, they are just by Thunder, our male. So, if you are interested in getting one of the puppies by Thunder, call or text Larissa at 509-845-7453.

September Puppies

We have a planned breeding with Thunder to a neighbor’s mastiff, If you are interested in a puppy call or Text the owners of the female at 509-845-7453. They will be due around September 14th.


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AKC English Mastiffs

In addition to raising Quarter Horses and Braford, Hereford and Angus cattle we also raise beautiful registered AKC Mastiffs. Our first mastiff was Sophie, we purchased her in 2002.  Next, we purchased BK Mia Girl and KT Winston Von Bubba in 2007. We have since added BKs Trinity to our mastiff family in 2009. In 2012 we kept one a puppy from the Trinity and Winston litter, Pooh Bear. In 2013 we purchased BK Full Throttle Nova. All of  our dogs are great family dogs, they make terrific pets and are great additions to the family.

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