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Hi Kellie,

I just had to contact you about wonderful sweet boy Geronimo.  He is 10-1/2 years old now and still doing pretty dang good for an ancient.  We have been together since August of 2007.  He has had a steel plate in his right hind leg since he was 3-1/2 when he  damaged his ACL.  He does have a little hitch in his git-along, but he doesn’t care.  Almost every morning he hops out of his bed and trots out with me to feed the horse.  He has to check the whole fence line around the pasture to make sure things are the way they should be.   Unfortunately, he has a hard time keeping his footing on the bare floors, but I put three 5X7 carpets in the living room, one in the kitchen and runner rugs in between so he can get around inside and in and out the back door. He no longer has his bed in my room, but has finally gotten used to sleeping in the living room.  He is the best friend I could ever have.  He is about 31 inches at the shoulder and around 185 – 190 pounds.  A couple of years ago he was 195 – 200 and not fat.  Hope you enjoy this information about one of your older “puppies” as well as these photos.    Thanks so much for my fantastic friend.   
Every day with the G-Man is a treasured gift.       peggy cochran
November 2017
Daisy May Von Bubba 1 yr old and she is owned by Joy and William out of Oregon. “We love her so much. She is just a giant wiggle and loves everyone she meets. Cant keep her out of the water when we use the hose.” Daisy May is out of the 2013 Trinity/Winston litter. She is a full sister to Thunder.

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Khaleesi loves her new family. She is super smart. She whines when she needs to go potty, and is. Really affectionate. Khaleesi is from the 2013 Winston and Trinity litter.
“Lilianna” at her new home when she is 5 months old.

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6 months and 100 pounds, great dog. Patrick

This is a puppy from the 2012 Trinity/Winston litter.

Big Boy

Shown below is “Tugg” another puppy from the 2012 Winton/Trinity litter. He is 6 months old in the pictures.

“He is so good.  I just love that boy.  He’s enjoying being outside a lot.  We take him over to my mom’s and play in the grass, or if we’re outside he just hangs out.  I’m not sure what he weighs, but I’m guessing it’s about 100 lbs right now (at 9 months).  I could probably take him to our vet just to hop on the scale, but scaredy cat hates getting in and out of the car.  With that said, the other day Scott and I were working on yard stuff and he jumped off the retaining wall.  I’m so sure he won’t jump our of the back of the car, but he’ll jump off a 5 foot retaining wall.  Twice.  He’s doing good with training.  He doesn’t love to lay down, he gets a look like “Really?  What if I just look super cute?” and he loves being outside so much that he tunes us out.  He’s such a good boy though.  He lays in the hall right between the boys’ doors at night when they go to bed.  I’ll send you some pictures. ” Katie.

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“Sadie” a brindle female from the 2012 Winston/Trinity litter.

Donna wrote: “I will try to get some for you soon. I have no idea how much Sadie weighs now. She is solid muscle though. I had to buy her a special collar so I could walk her. She’ll stay in the yard if I am outside. But I left her with Jeff the other day I had to go get her when I saw her running down the road. Hopefully we will get that fence up in front soon so the pups can go out with us. It’s nice being able to take them outside to run in the grassy area. She is extremely smart and did turn out to be a princess despite my best efforts; has Jeff wrapped around her paws that’s for sure. She still likes to eat rocks and attempted to bring in a rusty piece of rebar she found over by the shop to chew on the other day. Apparently the ones I buy aren’t good enough? A redneck princess? She loves to cuddle, lick me to death and barks at the neighbors to let me know there is someone outside. IOW she turned out to be a great dog. Sassy Sadie. :)”

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Way back in August 2007, I bought a puppy from you from your litter of Winston and Mia Girl. I am so sorry to see you lost Mia Girl. She was quite the beauty. Anyhow, I bought the fawn brindle male and named him “Just Chewin’ On A Shoestring” but I call him Geronimo. He has been a wonderful source of enjoyment for me. He loves playing in the snow and running and all that kind of doggie stuff. He thinks he is a 10 pounder, rather than 180 pounds and tends to launch himself when he takes off. He can do turns that would put a reining horse to shame.

This is a 10 week old apricot female puppy out of Winston and Mia, from their litter in 2007. Her name is Harley Jo-Case. She is pictured below at one and a half yrs. old.

This is Gabe, an apricot male puppy from Mia and Winston’s litter in 2008. He is under a yr old and is already 147 lbs (in the left most picture). The middle picture is Gabe on his second birthday. The right picture is Gabe at 2 1/2 years and 220 lbs.

Here is Grace, another 07 puppy. This pic was taken this winter, at one a half yrs old. Grace now lives in Moses Lake.

The pictures below are of Brenda. Brenda is one of Mia and Winston’s 08 puppies.

“We sure love Brenda, she is such a good girl.  Our other dog, Tucker (almost 14 years old), died last month so Brenda has been a bit depressed and we feel bad when we have to leave her alone to go off to work/school. Brenda weighs about 120, at  4 years old.”

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