KT Conans Thunder

“Thunder” was whelped on 7/15/13. He was the only male puppy in the litter. Thunder’s sire is KT Winston Von Bubba and his dam is BKs Trinity.  Trinity is from Mountain Valley Mastiffs out of CA. Her sire is Hogan Farley whose sire is “Conan” of the “Windfalls Kennel”. He has 8 best in shows and over 100 points in 2008. Her dam is Allie, Allie is from the Grepetti CH lines and is 31″ at the shoulders. Trinity is app 150 lbs and Winston is app 130 lbs and is 9 years old. Both Winston and Trinity are great family dogs. Thunder is just like Winston, in looks and personality. He is app. 145 lbs.