2007 Puppy

Hi Kellie,

I just had to contact you about wonderful sweet boy Geronimo. He is 10-1/2 years old now and still doing pretty dang good for an ancient. We have been together since August of 2007. He has had a steel plate in his right hind leg since he was 3-1/2 when he damaged his ACL. He does have a little hitch in his git-along, but he doesn’t care. Almost every morning he hops out of his bed and trots out with me to feed the horse. He has to check the whole fence line around the pasture to make sure things are the way they should be. Unfortunately, he has a hard time keeping his footing on the bare floors, but I put three 5X7 carpets in the living room, one in the kitchen and runner rugs in between so he can get around inside and in and out the back door. He no longer has his bed in my room, but has finally gotten used to sleeping in the living room. He is the best friend I could ever have. He is about 31 inches at the shoulder and around 185 – 190 pounds. A couple of years ago he was 195 – 200 and not fat. Hope you enjoy this information about one of your older “puppies” as well as these photos. Thanks so much for my fantastic friend.

Every day with the G-Man is a treasured gift. peggy cochran