See Mastiffs on FidoTV

See Mastiffs on FidoTV
Thursday, April 21, 8pm EST

After months of tracking down some of the top canines and breeders in the country, FidoTV Channel has announced its new original series, “Which Woof’s for Me?” airing on Thursday nights at 8pm EST on DISH Network (Channel 245). Each episode profiles the characteristics of specific breeds and provide the viewer with complete A to Z information on the breed, including history, traits, exercise, care tips for the breed and how to best go about finding a dog. Viewers will see everything from Corgis herding ducks to Boston Terriers doing agility to English Mastiffs providing therapy at senior living homes.

Twelve breeds will be featured in the first series flight. The breeds include Golden Retrievers, Bulldogs, Labrador Retrievers, Coton de Tuleaurs, Beagles, Airedale Terriers, English Mastiffs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Bull Terriers and German Shepherd Dogs.

Reputable, qualified breeders with long histories and successful track records provide in-depth information on how to best care for each breed and what traits families need to think about when considering the breed for their lifestyle. The shows are particularly good at illustrating the “jobs” each breed was developed to do and how they have evolved over time. And, yes, puppies are included in each show.

Shot on location in seven different states, the series includes footage of conformation, obedience, rally, agility, as well as dives into dogs performing at the jobs they were designed for, including field events, water events, guarding, herding, as well as service animals. The action-packed shows look to answer the question, “Which Woof’s For Me?”

In all, two-dozen breeders appear in this initial series. They include: Deborah Stern, Sheree Moses and Carmen Battaglia (German Shepherds), Adrianne Dering (Coton de Tulears), Glen and Dara Carr (Bulldogs), Jennifer and Mark Grossnickle (Golden Retreivers), Carrie Chase (Corgis) Valeria Rickard (Airedale Terriers), Mary De Lisa, (English Mastiffs), William and Mandy Bobbitt (Beagles), Stephanie Perrine (Labrador Retrievers), Thom Stansfield (Pugs), Barbara Naas and Kelly Misagadis, (Boston Terriers) and Franne Berez and Cindy Perrott (Bull Terriers).