Mastiffs Have a Unique History

MolossusThe Mastiff is considered to be one of the most ancient breeds of dogs. The earliest ancestor of the Mastiff was the Molossus, which lived over 5,000 years ago. The Mollossus, who lived in the Asian mountains, was a ferocious dog that was typically used as a guard dog. Pictures of these dogs have been found throughout Egyptian, Greek, and Babylonian history.

The modern Mastiff was developed in England, where it was necessary to have a huge dog to guard grand estates. Lyme Hall, in particular, was well known for having saved the breed from extinction in 1835. During this time, the breed was used in brutal sports, which led to dog-fights being outlawed. With the help of Lyme Hall and a surge in dog shows, the breed was able to survive. The breed faced extinction again throughout World War I and II, when there were food shortages. These shortages made it almost impossible to keep them fed, and were often found dead from starvation. After World War II, a pair of Mastiff puppies was used to help bring the breed back from extinction. The Mastiff Club of America, formed in 1929, was established to ensure the health and well-being of the breed since its inception.


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