Meet Nova

Nova is a black brindle female that we got from Full Throttle Mastiffs out of Nebraska in 2013. She is predominantly black with a fawn color break through. She is very laid back & cuddly. She weighed 38 lbs at 12  weeks old, so she should be a big girl when full grown. Her Sire & Dam both have a championship blood line. Her Sire is a reverse brindle, and a big boy. His Grandfather was 34 inches tall at the withers and 275 lbs, full grown. We estimate that her Sire is on pace to be the same size. Her Dam is a black brindle, but she is mainly black with a little brown. She has a very loving personality and her black coloring is beautiful. Both parents and pup have great temperament. She was born July 18, 2013.