Mastiff is #1 Most Laid-back Dog Breeds

5 Most Laid-back Dog Breeds

By | Pets – Thu, Jan 30, 2014 9:28 AM EST

By Kristen Seymour


Do you prefer an evening in, snuggling on the couch and watching Turner and Hooch for the 60th time, to going out for a big night of dancing? Does your exercise come in the form of a nice, relaxing stroll? When it comes to canine companions, does just the idea of a dog who needs someone to run and play with him for hours on end exhaust you? If so, one of these five dog breeds might be your new best friend.

We asked 122 veterinary professionals for their opinions on which dog breeds they considered the most laid-back, and their five top choices are listed below. One important thing to keep in mind with all these dogs (and any others, for that matter): “Laid-back” does not equal “needs no stimulation.” All dogs need at least some level of exercise (mental and physical), not to mention some human interaction, and these breeds are no exception.

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Basset HoundNo. 5: Basset Hound (photo credit: Sam Clark, Animal Photography/

The good-natured Basset Hound is happy to cuddle on the couch with you, but he’s also a fan of long (but leisurely!) walks. But he’s one of the most talented dozers out there; after that long walk, don’t be surprised if he falls into a sleep so deep nothing but the smell of food will wake him for a few hours.


No. 4: Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a member of the Working group and has a long history of serving on fishing boats in his native land, but this pup is perfectly happy spending his time chilling out indoors with his family. He’s no couch potato, though – he’s always up for a little activity. Maybe just not all the time like that other dog with a Canadian name.


BloodhoundNo. 3: Bloodhound (photo credit: Sam Clark, Animal Photography/

Sweet and lovable – but with a reputation for stubbornness – the Bloodhound might have the most recognizable bay in all of dogdom. This hound is a solid worker whose tracking abilities are nothing short of legendary. While he might display a laid-back attitude, don’t confuse that with laziness. He’s happy as long as he’s with his people and occupied, but if left to his own devices, he can easily become bored – and a bored Bloodhound is often a destructive one.

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No. 2: Great Dane

The Great Dane is a loyal companion who loves nothing more than sharing the couch with you. That being said, his large size means that “sharing the couch” could equate to him sprawling out on the sofa while you perch on an armrest. As long as he gets a short walk each day, he’s generally calm enough for spaces you might consider too small for a dog of his magnitude. So, apartment dwellers, don’t be intimidated.


MastiffNo. 1: Mastiff — (photo credit: Karin Newstrom, Animal Photography/

Another gentle giant, the Mastiff can weigh 200 or more pounds, but he’s a loving dog with a loyal and protective disposition. He’s powerful and somewhat stubborn but tends to be a sweet and quiet member of the household – although his flatulence has been known to clear a room in less than five seconds flat.