KT Mastiffs is located in Connell, approximately 30 miles north of Pasco, WA. Our first mastiff was Sophie, we purchased her in 2002; Sophie was a great dog and very protective. We fell in love with the breed and bought our next mastiffs, BK Mia Girl and KT Winston Von Bubba, in 2007. In 2009 we added BKs Trinity to our mastiff family. Then, in 2013 we kept the last male puppy by Winston, the kids named him BK Conan Thunder. In 2015 we decided we wanted to start showing, and purchased Pioneer Sweet Jewels. In July 2017 Jewels became an AKC Champion. All of our dogs are great family dogs; they make terrific pets and are great additions to the family. Our dogs have grown up on our ranch and have been exposed to lots of other animals, kids, strangers and more. Our dogs are well socialized and are members of our family.

Jewels Major 2017

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