We are nestled in the great Columbia Basin where we raise Quarter Horses, Braford, Hereford and Angus cattle as well as AKC registered Mastiffs.  Our first mastiff was Sophie, we purchased her in 2002; Sophie was a great dog and very protective.  Next, we purchased BK Mia Girl and KT Winston Von Bubba in 2007, both were great family dogs. In 2009 we added BKs Trinity to our mastiff family, another great family dog that is great with the kids and other dogs. In 2012 we kept one a puppy from the Trinity and Winston litter, Pooh Bear, and we kept Thunder in 2013. In 2013 we also purchased BK Full Throttle Nova. All of  our dogs are great family dogs, they make terrific pets and are great additions to the family. Our dogs have grown up on our ranch and have been exposed to lots of other animals, kids, strangers and more. Our dogs are well socialized and are  members of our family.

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